Find the Best Banquet in East Delhi – End Your Search at Orchid Grand Banquet

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At least for some days (not months or more weeks), marketplaces may go empty or less crowded because the most awaited festival season is recently passed. People after celebrating New Year and Christmas, are now all set to welcome the most awaited another wonderful time that continues for one week. Yes, Valentine’s Day – the festival of lovers and those who want to propose their love to someone, is all set and on cards.

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During Valentine’s Day, other festivals and weekend, people love to plan out for dinner or lunch or for snacks or to eat something out of the house, but in one of the best restaurants or food court of the city. In Delhi – you will find different areas crowded that include Connaught Place, Khan Market, Hauz Khas, Malviya Nagar, Sarojini Nagar, NFC Market, Sunder Nagar, and Punjabi Bagh and of course top Malls of Delhi and NCR.

For food lovers and those who love to enjoy the delicious platters of variety at a single platform, some better options are available in the form of best restaurants and best banquet in East Delhi and other parts of the city. As far as trends of planning for dinner or lunch in banquets are concerned, you will have plenty of options to choose the best one. There are different banquet in East Delhi that are ideal places for birthday parties, wedding day or any kind of grand event. These best wedding banquet in Delhi NCR and banquet in East Delhi for birthday parties take the responsibility of all arrangements. You just have to disclose the number of people or guests attending the function and leave rest of the work on experts there.

Interesting thing is that you can enjoy something very special and delicious from Tandoor or ask for the variety ranging from Mexican Food to Italian and from continental to spicy and delicious from North and Central Part of India. If you love to enjoy the real taste of Local Delhi food or something from Tandoor, you will have found the right options here.

Choices are unlimited, you will find Orchid Grand Banquet an ideal platform fulfilling your requirement for the best dishes every enjoyed with the taste of home and fragrance of spices directly from the fields. Quality, delicious, taste and purity are all that kept in mind for the duration of cooking food and special dishes. Run and manage by young, dynamic and passionate restaurateur Gaurav Chawla, the world-class banquet is an ideal place for all kind of events in a grand way and in royal style. You have to make an advance booking according to your choice and leave rest of the work one experts working here.

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Summary: For those looking for the best banquets in East Delhi, Orchid Grand Banquet is an ideal place to fulfill their requirement. You have to make an advance booking for the grand celebration according to your choice.


Famous Non Veg Caterers in Delhi


Indian culture is full of occasions and festivals. Weddings are considered as an important function which is to be hosted with perfect arrangements. The most important arrangement in any occasion or event is food. Whether you are hosting a corporate meeting or a product launch, or birthday party, it will be never complete without food.

For such special occasions, caterers are hired who will take care of all your requirements related to food. Many caterers prepare food according to client’s instructions so as to give best service and make their event successful and memorable in terms of food. Delhi being the capital of India, hosts functions which are of national and international levels.  Non vegetarian caterers in Delhi have best services in terms of food taste and quality.

5 Top Non Veg Caterer in Delhi

Nov veg:

Harry’s Boutique Catering: They have a team of innovative and experienced professionals who are experts from the catering industry. These professionals have a keen eye and create the food with finest detailing. They prepare customized food of their client’s choice. For each dish prepared by them, the chef with his extreme talent adds a personal touch to the food. The personal touch by the master chefs creates delicious and excellent dishes.

Address: GK – 1, 3rd Floor, New Delhi,

Kwality CaterersThey have served over 10,000 events and with this tremendous experience they are experts of the catering industry. They are known for their high standards and quality of innovative and creative food. They have served their quality services in mega events like Common Wealth Games, F-1 Grand Prix, etc.

Address:Regal Building, Parliament Street, Connaught Place, New Delhi.

Tandoor Nights: When you want to celebrate in style, tandoor nights is the choice of caterers. They serve delicious non-veg food with superior hospitality and services. The staff works really hard to make your event memorable. The quality of food and the taste is excellent. The exotic spices used by the chef create magic in the taste and imparts subtle flavors to the dish. The qualified and experienced professionals will serve their best for you.

Address: AnsalClassique Tower, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi.

Aaugritaa Caterers: It is a one stop for food and catering services with quality hospitality. With five years of experience, the catering services have delivered happiness to their clients. The top chefs of this catering service have created an exclusive menu for parties. The customized menu adds features to their services of top quality food and makes them standout from their competitors.

Address: Malviya Nagar, New Delhi.

New Utsav Caterers: They are masters of non veg food cooking. They provide tasty and yummy non veg food with great hospitality. The quality and innovation in food shows their skilled hands and experience in the catering services. They are into business since 1988 and have successfully served happy clients.

Address:C.R. Park, New Delhi.

Make you non veg food party a delicious one with the catering services from the expert professionals of the industry in Delhi.


Famous Veg Caterers in Delhi


Indian ceremonies and occasions are never complete without finger licking tasty food. Caterers are hired for making the event successful in terms of food arrangements. These caterers are experts in their industry. They will make you to enjoy your event without any hassle and tension of cooking and taking care of guests and anything related to food.

The hospitality and services are classy, which allows you to forget detailing of cooking food and serving them to the guests. Delhi is a capital city of India and the parties and events arranged in this city are of top class.

International and national events are hosted in this city and so, catering services have upgraded themselves according to the high class levels of events. If you are searching for exclusive vegetarian food, then look no more than the following caterers in Delhi.

Best Veg Caterers in Delhi:

Chhote Lal Caterers: They are into the catering services since 1970. They have a huge experience of catering arrangements which helps to make the event successful. They are famous brand in the field of catering and food industry.

The food they serve is authentic and delicious. The delicious food will make your event a memorable one.  They are the best service providers when it comes to variety and tasty food catering. They serve food according to the theme parties as well.

They are specialists in providing formal and informal menu to their clients which suits the occasion. The master chefs will make sure of each and every detailing of food dishes to be served for your event.

Address: Sita Ram Bazaar, Delhi.

Zayka Caterers: They are the specialists in their food services and catering quality. Zayka caterers are well-known catering service of Delhi. They have experienced professionals who are trained to provide excellent services in the catering and hospitality.

The skills and perfection of these professionals are of top notch and will never turn their clients down. They serve customized services as per the clients taste. They give importance not only in making delicious food but also in presentation and serving.

They have excellent serving and presentation skills and they love to display it on the dishes and plates as well.

Address: Siraspur, Rohini, Sec-18, Delhi.

Shri Jee Caterers: They are famous for the hygienic and top quality food they serve. The food they prepare is of superior quality and a special care is taken in preparing food in hygienic environment.  They serve food with delicious flavors and personal creative touch adds interest in the dishes.  They are into catering business since last 40 years and have gained tremendous experience in the same. With their experience they make it sure to deliver quality food with great taste and excellent hospitality to make your event a memorable one.  They prepare food according to the style and taste of their client.  They believe in delivering their services with perfection and quality.

Address: Vardhaman Grand Plaza, Mangalam Place, Sector-3, Rohini, New Delhi.

Get the best catering services for your special event in Delhi.

Make your event or ceremony memorable by selecting Banquet Hall in Delhi as venue

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Planning a beautiful occasion such as wedding, birthday or reception requires huge time, money and effort. The whole process is very tiresome and tedious. Despite these arrangements you are still left with huge fear and doubt of the fact whether your guests got complete satisfaction or not. Therefore choosing the right factor for solving these issues becomes very important. To have a peaceful ceremony it is always better to opt for banquets. Banquets can give you the best experience and relieve you from all the duties. You can take the advantage of the banquets near your vicinity.

  • Excellent amenities

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If you are in Delhi then you will get huge opportunity to choose best banquets. There are abundant Banquet Hall in Delhi. You can choose easily from the vicinity. A lot of options make your choice easier and convenient. Banquets leave no stone unturned in making the occasion best event for you. You can be sure about an impressive event with the banquet halls. It makes sure that all your guests are left satisfied at the end of the day. The exemplary arrangements of these banquets make your occasions charming and beautiful. There are various services provided by these banquets.  You would love to choose them.

  • Mesmerizing arrangements

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The first factor that makes these banquet halls special is that they provide huge facilities in decorating your ceremony. They give you immense choice of themes. You can choose your convenient themes and the banquet hall will make the right arrangements for you. The adornments and embellishments are really impressive and grand. Banquet Halls in Delhi gives you the chance to experience a beautiful ceremony with marvelous arrangements. The customer satisfaction is the ultimate aim of these banquets halls. Choosing best banquet hall is the wisest decision of life. To make your ceremony memorable you must choose best banquet hall.

  • Delicious occasion

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The best part of banquets deserves a special mention. The specialty of these places lies in the arrangements of exquisite cuisines. This is the best aspect of best banquet halls. Your guests can experience the taste of various cuisines with the arrangements of banquets,. Along with delicious foods what you can enjoy more is a wonderful ambience of celebration. This place gives you the total experience of the best ceremonies. You can experience cuisines of various regions and places. There are varieties of vegetarian and non vegetarian foods. Different cuisines make the occasion delicious and remarkable.

Huge options for you

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Therefore if you are planning a bright ceremony then you should plan it with banquet halls. In Delhi the options are never ending. You can choose this place for planning the best occasion. The time of celebration is very special in life. You should not take any chance when it comes to beautiful occasion. Banquet halls give you the assurance of best experience. Hurry up and make choice right now. There are various options for you and you can choose it easily. Delhi will never disappoint you in any field of choice. You are sure to get the best choice if it is Delhi.



Things to consider when looking for a party hall for an event

orchid grand banquet


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When organizing a party or an event, you’re confronted by a number of decisions. Choosing a party hall /venue is the one of the most important decisions that lays a big impact on the event. It can be intimidating to choose the right venue for your event. So many things strike the mind when making a choice from so many selections out there. It is wise to consider the main factors listed below so that you end up making the right choice.

  • Cost

Define your budget for the venue before you start hunting for the same. It will be wise enough if you keep more room for entertainment and food and beverages in your budget. Find out about the different options available in your area and the price of each and then make a choice accordingly.

  • Location

With so many Wedding hall in Delhi, it becomes difficult to choose a perfect option. If you want the best option look for the one addressed at a convenient location. It is wise enough to choose a party hall that and is located within easy to reach range. However, if most of the attendees will be coming from out of town, then it is apt to look for a venue that lies in close proximity to the airport. Book he venue that includes valet parking and is located at a convenient location so that there are less chances of the attendees to get lost.

  • Ambiance

Make sure the decor inside the party hall/venue is good. Check the style of the architecture and the interior of the building. If you are planning to hold a gala, you’ll need to book different venue accommodations. Look for a party hall to book a party hall with the ambiance matching your event’s requirements and taste.

  • Layout

Layout is another important thing that you need to consider when looking for a party hall. It is always wise to start hunting for the venue early so that you can choose from the best selection of options available out there. Get an estimate about the types of amenities you will require, as well as the needs of the attendees and your team. While shortlisting the potential options available out there, illustrate the floor plan the party halls. Make sure you visit the place before making any final decision.

  • Parking

Does the party hall have a valet parking or a parking lot? Choose a venue that has a parking lot boasting enough space. If that isn’t the case look for the alternatives, find out whether there are parking lots nearby that the attendees can use. The additional alternatives can be looking for a reserve or a rental space nearby that can be used as parking lots for the attendees. If there is option of street parking available, that may also prove out to be a good option.

Finding the right part hall is a hefty task. Hence, it is better to keep the above points in mind when making a choice from so many options available in your area.

Choose the best Indian non veg dishes that you can serve in an Indian wedding


Indian festivals are famous around all the corners of the world. Wedding is such type of festival which is totally domestic in nature, but the fun out of the festivals are really admirable. There are three things that you will always find in an Indian wedding. They are:

  • Fun
  • Food and
  • Art

Among all, non-veg items are excellent. If you are a food lover, the ten non-veg dishes often found in the Indian weddings are the best. Get through the list. You will find all the food items to be so delicious that you will like to have all. Here is the list of the items:

Chicken and Mutton Biriyani – This is the Moghlai dish that you love the most. When you get to restaurant, you pay for single dish and you know very well that another dish will be perfect for you. Most of the weddings in India includes this dish, so that you can get the right taste of it.


Prawn Theeyal –  It is the dish that you have not tasted often. It is not found mostly in the northern India, since this Indian wedding food dish is best found in Kerala.


Crab Soup –  This is a typical food of Maharashtra and is widely served in the Indian wedding there. It is a nice dish for taste and you will love the flavour and spicy taste, if you are a crab lover.


Tandoori Fish –  Tandoori chicken has been tasted by you in different restaurants and weddings. It is now the time to taste Tandoori Fish. It is a lovely one, in terms of taste and is perfect to be served to the guest. If you have arranged a buffet system, this one is the Indian wedding food that will be finished at first.


Mutton Rogan Josh – There is no doubt that mutton is the best choice in the Indian weddings. This will be the word of the food lovers in the event, especially when the lovely pieces are served hot on your plate.


Seekh Kabab – Here again is a Moghlai dish that you will prefer the most. The lovely kabab is capable to bring water in the mouth of the food lovers.


Nargisi Kofta – Egg can be so delicious in a wedding ceremony is beyond all the imaginations. Get this Kofta and surprise your visitors. They will love the dish more than the chicken, fish and mutton dishes even.


Grilled Chicken – KFC and other big restaurants are already there who have made the food lovers acquainted with the food. This is again such a food that you won’t like to remain satisfied with a single piece. Have them in the Indian weddings and satisfy your appetite.


Egg cutlet with fish – You have eaten enough fish cutlet, but when that is prepared with egg, the taste totally changes. It is sure to be one of the best dishes of the wedding.


Chicken Korma – The last of the hot dishes that you have arranged in the wedding is another Moghlai dish. It is the best dish that your visitors can expect.


Order your planner for the same and they will make the necessary arrangement for the food menu. Make sure that they are best, since India is a land of food lovers and there are many who loves the wedding only for the foods.

Enjoy the Delicious Platters in the Best Restaurant in East Delhi



Delhi – the national capital city and center of National Capital Region (NCR) is the pride of India tourism that is explored by thousands of tourists and people for various reasons every month. The beautiful capital city is famous for International airport witnessing many flights in a day from different countries. The beautiful capital city is famous for the most luxurious accommodations in the city and of course for various food courts, street foods and world’s best restaurants. If you are on your tour to Delhi or living here, you will probably love to enjoy dinner or lunch, birthday party or any kind of other event in the city at some of the best restaurants or banquets.

If you are in East Delhi and looking for some of the best food options, you will have better opportunities of choosing the best restaurant in East Delhi. Not forget to mention something very delicious and special from Tandoor – the first priority and favorite of Delhities. If you are looking for the best restaurant in Easy Delhi for Birthday Parties or looking for the best non-Veg restaurant in East Delhi, you will have some better options of fulfilling your requirement to book table or place order for home delivery at Chawla’s Tandoori Junction, Chawla’s Tandoori Express and Orchid Grand Banquets – all three are run by an young, dynamic and passionate 34 year old restaurateur – named Gaurav Chawla.


Chawla Tandoori Junction – Epitome of the Best Restaurant in East Delhi

These aforementioned three Tandoor special restaurants are ideal platforms for those who love to taste something different and unique directly from the tandoor. In simple words, you can enjoy both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food here.  Whether you need something special from north-India, anything special with Punjabi Tadka, a variety of chicken, Mughlai, Thai food, Chinese, Mexican, South-Indian specialties or real local dishes from Delhi, you will get everything from Chawla’s Tandoori Junction and Chawla’s Tandoori Express.

There is a lot more for you to provide you the real taste of Delhi foods for that the national capital is known worldwide. For food lovers and those who wish to enjoy the delicious platters of their favorite dishes and recipes from across the world at a single platform anywhere in Delhi & NCR, Chawla’s Tandoori Junction, Chawla’s Tandoori Express and Orchid Grand Banquets are ideal platforms. You can book table in advance or place your order for home delivery. The best restaurant in East Delhi run by famous restaurateur is wonderful and will be the best one for you to enjoy the real taste of Tandoor.

So what you are waiting for, feel free to contact via any convenient mode of communication to enjoy the real and delicious platters of your choice.

Summary: For those who love to enjoy the real taste of Tandoor, some of the best restaurants in East Delhi are serving you to fulfill your requirement. You can book table or give a call for home delivery.

Dinner or Lunch in the Best Restaurant in Delhi – Enjoy Both Veg and Non-Veg Food


Are you in the national capital for some more days or planning to enjoy weekend by having a dinner or lunch in one of the best restaurant in East Delhi or your favorite non-veg restaurant in East Delhi?

For food lovers who are either living in New Delhi & NCR or anywhere else or visiting the city, search never ends for some of the best restaurants in East Delhi or their desired location. If you are also one of them looking for the delicious platters from the best non-veg restaurant in East Delhi or searching for restaurant in East Delhi for Birthday Parties, you will have some better opportunities to fulfill your requirement.

Rather than adopting any mode of communication, go online and search for the right one. Fortunately, you will find Chawla’s Tandoori Junction, Chawla’s Tandoori Express and Orchid Grand Banquet. These three main and of course the best restaurants in East Delhi with more outlets in other parts of capital city and NCR region are wonderful and serving you something different, tasty, delicious, pure, hygiene and amazing. Run by a young and dynamic restaurateur named Gaurav Chawla – the three main restaurant chains in Delhi are wonderful and serving the best from Tandoor that is the first choice of people from Delhi.

Something Delicious from Tandoor


As soon as you enter the restaurant for non vegetarian food or pure vegetarian food, you will find something very tasty and delicious from Tandoor. You have to just book your table for what you want to taste and enjoy and you will find something fresh, pure, hygiene and delicious. Whether you need something special from north-India, anything special with Punjabi Tadka, a variety of chicken, Mughlai, Thai food, Chinese, Mexican, South-Indian specialties or real local dishes from Delhi, you will get everything from Chawla’s Tandoori Junction and Chawla’s Tandoori Express. Chawla’s Tandoori Express or Chawla’s Tandoori Junction is not a new name as it was started by a young, passionate and dynamic restaurateur from the college life, these aforementioned food points are common name in the national capital with different outlets in different main areas of New Delhi. You can enjoy both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food here.

A One Stop Name for Food Enthusiasts, Celebrities and Bollywood Stars – All Have Enjoyed Here the Taste of Tandoori Recipes

gaurav-chawla-with-sanjeev kapoor







It is an ever increasing popularity graph of the Tandoori special restaurant chain that has persuaded a number of celebrities, Bollywood Stars, Cooking experts and players. You can see photographs of these celebrities with Gaurav Chawla in the restaurant. For your favorite dishes and something from Tandoor, what all you have to do is simply give a call for table booking for send a mail for order at your doorstep. So what you are waiting for, don’t miss the chance of enjoy the best and pure food directly from Tandoor to your plate.

Summary: For those who love to enjoy the delicious platters in the best restaurant in East Delhi, some better options are available at Chawla’s Tandoori Junction and Chawla’s Tandoori Express.



Chawla’s planning to Open 20 Outlets of Tandoori Special in Delhi & NCR


Gaurav Chawla – the young and dynamic 34 year restaurateur and entrepreneur in Delhi, has changed the way of Tandoori dishes and recipes in Delhi & NCR. Now, he is coming with 20 new outlets in Delhi & NCR to quench your thirst and appetite by serving the special dishes from Tandoor.

January 12, 2016: Gaurav Chawla – a restaurateur based in Delhi and owner of Chawla’s Tandoori Junction, Chawla’s Tandoori Express and Orchid Grand Boutique, plans to adopt the business model of world’s top fast-food outlets and top Indian restaurant chains to grow his business across the Delhi & NCR to transform his outlets into a top restaurant brand. He is planning to expand its restaurant chain by starting 20 new outlets in different parts of New Delhi and National Capital Region.

Gaurav Chawla- who owns and operates three outlets by the name of Chawla’s Tandoor Junction, Chawla’s Tandoori Express and Orchid Grand Boutique, plans to open 20 restaurants with Tandoor special dishes across Delhi & NCR to expand business and to serve the delicious platters of special dishes to Delhities in world-class eateries. 34 year arguably Delhi’s most successful restaurateur has come up with a business model that is wonderful and open ways to new opportunities for those who have expertise in preparing Tandoori special dishes.


After starting career as a restaurateur in the college life, Gaurav Chalwa never looked behind and he is now one of the successful restaurateurs in Delhi & NCR bringing you the very special dishes directly from Tandoor to your plate. Numerous celebrities, bollywood stars and top cooks from the country has joined Chawla’s Tandoori Junction, Chawla’s Tandoori Express to eat something very special.

About the Restaurant Chain of Chawla’s: Chawla’s Tandoori Junction, Chawla’s Tandoori Express and Orchid Grand Boutique are the popular names in Delhi & NCR for Tandoori special dishes and food. The famous restaurants are run by Gaurav Chawla.

An Young Dynamic Restaurateur Who Changed the Concept of Tandoori Dishes in Delhi


Gaurav Chawla – young, dynamic and passionate restaurateur and 34 year old entrepreneur, has a passion to bring you the real taste of Tandoor and multi-cuisine food in Delhi & NCR. Chawla’s Tandoor Junction, Chawla’s Tandoor Express, Orchid Grand Banquets, and Chinese Wok, are names a few of the main platforms serving you the real taste of your favorite dishes and something special from China, Thailand, Italy, Mexico and other countries that are known for some special recipes and dishes.

More Than 20 franchise outlet are in the Queue and All Set to Start Serving the Delicious Dishes from Across the World


With zeal to offer the delicious platters to Delhities and those living in National Capital Region, he has come up with the final touch of starting 20 more outlets in Delhi & NCR. Move anywhere in Delhi like Patparganj Industrial Area, Shipra Mall at NH24 in Ghaziabad, Vasundhara, Vaishali, Community Center at Karkar Duma, Punjabi Bagh or anywhere in Delhi & NCR, you will quench your thirst and appetite by enjoying the most delicious platters directly from Tandoor to your table.

Order What You want to Eat and Taste


You can order something special from north-India, anything special with Punjabi Tadka, a variety of chicken, Mughlai, Thai food, Chinese, Mexican, South-Indian specialties or real local dishes from Delhi, you will get everything from Chawla’s Tandoori Junction and Chawla’s Tandoori Express. Main motive of professionals working here to quench your appetite and to serve you something best in the city.